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Low-Smoke vs. Low-Smoke Zero-Halogen

The technical details between the two cabling options is complex and we explain them here.

Valve Tags – Are They Really Needed?

Label and tag placement on pipes and valves are critical to facility safety.

Barcode and QR Code Labels

Ever wonder about Barcodes, QR Codes, Data Matrix Codes, and RFID? Let us help demystify...

Control Your Data Center

Silver Fox offers highly durable labeling solutions exceeding requirements of data centers.

TeamViewer Support From Silver Fox

TeamViewer helps Silver Fox remotely troubleshoot any problems you may encounter.

Why are Silver Fox Heat Shrink labels Legendary?

Legend™ Premium Heat Shrink from Silver Fox® offers a consistently high-grade heat shrink solution.

Cable Identification Labels

Silver Fox has a wide range of cable idents to offer. Cable idents are used...

Fox-in-a-Box Overview

Our Fox-in-a-Box® is a complete thermal labeling kit that is ready to go to work...