Cable Identification Labels

Silver Fox has a wide range of cable idents to offer. Cable idents are used to identify and label cable and wires and can be critical for safety as well as effective and efficient maintenance. Traditionally, the method of using individual Critchley markers is used. Whilst this does the job of identifying your wires and cables, it is a time consuming, expensive job, that takes up a lot of space. This is because you need to have markers for every letter and number which you have to purchase in bulk. It is a tedious manual job for your apprentices and engineers, where their time could be spent elsewhere.

Silver Fox’s range of cable idents eliminates the many problems that come with traditional Critchley markers. All Silver Fox products have a focus on quality, durability and time-saving. These cable idents are quick to print onto and have been tested far beyond industry standards to ensure durability and reliability. When you have a tight deadline, you can also make use of the Silver Fox pre-print service. Depending on the product type, you could have your cable idents as early as the next day. Have a look at the range below to see which products best suit your project requirements.