Fox-in-a-Box Overview

One Software, One Printer, One Ribbon, our slogan says it all! Our Fox-in-a-Box® is a complete thermal labeling kit all from one box. It comprises our DTP1/300 thermal printer, Labacus Innovator® software, and a full-length thermal ribbon. With this one Kit, you can print our full range of thermal labels.

DTP1/300 Thermal Printer

Our DTP1/300 is a thermal transfer printer, designed to print images/text onto a wide range of thermal labels. To form an image, the print head bonds an ink ribbon onto the label using heat and pressure. Thermal transfer printers are known for producing durable and quality images, which makes them ideal for indoor and outdoor applications.

Our unique Plug’N’Play functionality makes it quick and easy to set up our Fox-in-a-Box® printing kit. This special functionality also means users can also seamlessly and smoothly switch between any of our thermal label types, without the need to make any adjustments, such as the printer driver for example. It is all done automatically between our software and printer.

Labacus Innovator® Software

Our Fox-in-a-Box kit is run by our unique Labacus Innovator® software, offering 3 levels: Basic, Advanced, and Professional.

The Labacus Innovator® Lite includes a free, 3-day trial for each level of the software. Users get the opportunity to trail each level of the software (Basic/Advanced/Professional) at any time they choose. Today, next week or next month. That’s 3 individual days of trial for each level of the software (9 separate days in total).

Regular Updates

Users of the Fox-in-a-Box® receive regular updates via our unique automated web update functionality. This keeps them up to date with the latest release, always offering better utility and better time-saving.

These updates and improvements are often initiated by feedback from engineers across the globe. One such update included our unique rollback functionality that rolls back unprinted labels on every print run in the same session, saving potentially hundreds of labels. You can watch how that works HERE.

Seamless Upgrades

Users may start with any of these levels. The higher the level, the more the functionality.

Due to all the levels of the software sharing the same printer, if users begin with Basic or Advanced, they can seamlessly upgrade to a higher level at any time. This makes it easier for customers to grow into the more advanced functionality and ultimately protect their investment. To make this easy and cost-effective, the upgrade price is the current incremental cost between the levels, plus a small administration fee.

License and Support Fees

There is a one-off license that is on a per-desk basis and free technical support is offered to all our customers.


Labacus Innovator® – Lite (Free)Labacus Innovator® – BasicLabacus Innovator® – AdvancedLabacus Innovator® – Professional
Main Features:

– Includes templates for the full range of Silver Fox, CommScope and Farnell laser templates.

– Copy/paste from any spreadsheets

– Produce simple builds

– Includes short ‘Help’ Videos (Learn to use the software in minutes)

Main Features (Lite, plus):– Includes templates for all Silver Fox thermal and laser labels.

– Plug’N’Play thermal printer interface

– Entry-level for Fox-in-a-Box®

– Save/Recall jobs

– Choose your own font and pitch

Main Features (Basic, plus):

– Import CSV spreadsheets single column/merge multiple columns

– Multiple entry blocks for fast build construction

– Sequences with pre-fix and/or suffix

– Select font sizes

– Multiple line labels

Main Features (Advanced, plus):– Barcodes and QR codes

– Graphics

– Full spreadsheet view on import

– Variable duplication allows different quantities of each cable ID

– Cross-Ferruling functionality

– Professional Satellite technology offering locked jobs to distant sites


TSR Thermal Ribbons

Silver Fox Thermal Ribbons

We offer thermal ink ribbons in various colors, giving you a range of colors to print with. These colors include: black, green, white, blue and red. Also, the ribbons vary in width and have all been designed to fit into the one DTP1/300 printer, widths are as follows: 25mm, 60mm, and 110mm.


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For helpful videos on how to load our thermal labels using our DTP1/300 thermal printer, click HERE.